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Vladivostok Russia – Rock and Roll !!


Vladivostok Russia – Rock and Roll !!

As you know I am loving Vladivostok… but after 10 days in one town, I have very itchy feet and certainly VERY ready to roll!  Probably should not mention the rock part.. as I will be seeing my fair share of rocky roads for the next few weeks.

However, there was some serious Rockin’ and Rollin’ happening at the Iron Angels 3rd Birthday Party Saturday night!

I started off okay!!  Light beer and my handy Russian phrasebook!

I’m not sure at what point I put the phrase book away..   But the phrase that rings most in my ear from THEM is…

“Sherri (Sheddi).. I love you!! Vodka?!”

That’s all you really need to hear at a party, right?

Don’t be fooled by these kind sweet faces….

                                                              These two were the main culprits!                                                                    

While I am being very well taken care of and completely entertained, Walter has something else to FOCUS on!!

I think the zoom lens got a fair workout tonight.. 😉

Plenty to focus on, no doubt..  These guys throw an amazing party.. Several bands throughout the night with lots of dancing girls..!

It must have cost them a fortune!

They invited the other biker clubs as well.
The Iron Tigers (who I am told is older, but the Iron Angels are stronger.. uh huh..)  
I can repeat that, because I don’t think any Iron Tigers have my website 😉

Just out of curiosity, why are all the Biker club badges in English?

Meanwhile, back at the vodka table..

Sherri Jo had a darn good time..

Thanks guys!!

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