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Vladivostok to Magadan Russia


Vladivostok to Magadan Russia

My new temporary life in Vladivostok is coming to an end.. but not without a bang!

Lots of gunfire out in the bay from all those warships.. Walter had read on the internet that things were heating up between North Korea and South Korea, and since we are so close to North Korea, he thought maybe this had something to do with it.

Wow, I’ve never been around big war ships that are actually needing to be ready to fire!

Then we come across these American Navy men on the streets.  We thought it would be great to say Hello to American men on the streets of Russia!  And ask about the gunfire etc…  The Navy man says.. well that’s just the Navy showing off, basically..

He then explained they are in town for “Navy Day“.  It’s a Russian day, and the American and Japanese Navy are here to celebrate with them..  Duty I suppose!!

The Americans are everywhere!  Remember the 2 Army Seargents I met in Busan South Korea at my Hostel on weekend R & R?  They were stationed up near Seoul for 2 years.

Anyway…I had plenty of time to really get to know the town..  Every country has their quirky customs and style..  as in Korea, those super size sun visors, sports gear and tennis shoes!  But in Vladivostok, it is a flip change to stylish clothes, high heels and sparkles!

I have to say it started to get really depressing for me to walk around the streets in my “travel” gear… Light weight, easy dry pants, t-shirt, and tennis shoes – woo hoo!  Completely surrounded all day long with all the sparkles and high heels, I was doing my best not to buy some..  Guys would hate reading this, but I would walk out of building, and see shoes everywhere, and ones so cool, they would make me stop dead in my tracks and wish I could have those shoes!!!

These good examples, but not the best examples.. Everytime I saw shoes “to die for”, I didn’t have my camera.
This is a very hilly town, no flat pavement anywhere, and the girls where this heels all day every day.. gee whiz, they will have screwed up feet.

Walter likes the whole package, so guys if you want to see more of the pretty girls, you’ll have to go to his site!
He might be finding the pretty girls, but I found Daniel Craig!!
Now for the trend that I don’t get… the red hair.. Which you don’t see on the stylish girls with high heels, but on everyone else..
You can tell I am bored…if I am wandering around town taking photos of shoes and hair…
I am so ready to get back on my bike and travel.. !!! I do love getting to know where I am, and living like they do.. that is always fun for me.. 
But 10 days got to be a bit too long in one spot.  I’ve seen enough red hair and sparkles..!
Is it time to go to Magadan yet?
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  • July 28, 2010

    You'll never be able to stand on the pegs in something so "strappy" and "sparkly" !!Don't ask me how I know !!Yours are far more practical…

  • August 30, 2010

    Red hair and high strappy shoes? Sounds like Vladivostok is a place i should definitely visit! Stay safe Soul-Sister. We're keeping track from Noosa!!


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