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Which bike?

Which bike?

Off again today to look at a couple more bikes: KTM and Aprilia.  I don’t know much about the later, but I am feeling good about KTM because it seems more light weight and manageable.  They all say I will get used to the heavier bike, but after watching some advice yesterday on a documentary, it was a common comment to acknowledge that a smaller bike would have been better.  And some of those people were riding 650’s!  I am looking at that size now, because I know there is no perfect answer for everyone.  But I think that to go lower would limit me too much.  I do want to be comfortable on the trip, so 600 cc range will be better on the road.  However, smaller will be more flexible in those odd situations, as well as if I have to roll the bike into a hotel for the night.

Anyway, research continues.  Christmas has slowed me down a bit, but now I am back on track.  Getting paperwork organized is my January goal.  But first things first – I want a bike!!!

Originally from America. Proud citizen of Australia. Currently riding my motorcycle around the world. 44 countries so far and counting. ;-)

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