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Wild Siberia.. on the way to the Gulag


Wild Siberia.. on the way to the Gulag

Doesn’t look like much, but I can not tell you what a welcome site this is!

Didn’t sleep much the night before, anticipating getting the bike from the boat, starting the trip, etc…

Then many many hours of dirt road riding took it’s toll..  Most of you would know that you have to keep a strong concentration while riding, especially on dirt/gravel roads.. constantly making split second decisions.  And there is no break from this until you stop.

I didn’t care where we were, as long as I could just stop.. and hopefully have a sleep.

But these most wonderful people who were gathered around their table at this time of night, welcomed us with open arms..  quite chuffed to have visitors I would say!

“Sit…sit!  Vodka?”

(I knew not to, but I had a sip to be kind..)

Then this lovely Russian man pops up and starts cooking for us!  I can not tell him not to, he instists.  I am more interested in sleeping than eating, but at the same time, I was really liking these people, so I go with the flow.

I like his kitchen!  Isn’t it great.. living off the land, in a primitive way..  all the effort, time and money we put into having the best little gadget, and the newest coolest style.. and these people are clearly happy and healthy in such a different way.

Check out the garden… so good looking and fresh!

Ok – soups on!!  He whipped this up in no time and very proud of it!

Fish soup.. I only took one little whole dead fish.. but I can tell you it was so good!  I should have had more, but it must have been midnight at this point… they had chicken, hard boiled eggs, bread, tea, and of coarse vodka!  What a treat after a very long day..

Since it is after midnight, it is officially Walter’s birthday – and he is treated to a nice pressie – a large handful of dried fish!  (I think he is sorta pretending to be happy about this… )

They insist we get a photo by the town sign showing the population 😉  And that lovely little dog has an American name.. Butch! What a surprise to hear that name!  Too cute, I loved having Butch around.. as mischievous as he was..!

One of the guys offers us his home for the night, as he sleeps in another..  so we move in.

Big soft beds inside.. wood burner for heat.. I can only imagine how cold it would be here in the winter.. lots of picture cut outs on the walls of many people from magazines and newspapers.

A very very cozy little hut.  Felt like I stepped back in time…

OK, time to get up and face a new day!!  I’ve had a good sleep..

AND, it’s Walter’s birthday.. he manages to carry his red caviar in his pack..

As the other’s slowly congregate again at the table, I have a morning tea, they have a beer..

I, of coarse know we are aiming for a Gulag today.. but that’s about all I know.  Walter has told me some history about it, which is fascinating.  But it’s time to pack up and go.

I really really enjoyed these people and their camp.  They give up their food and their beds for us.. just 2 strangers on motorcycles. Walter says this is typical Russian hospitality..  I can see that!

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  • August 9, 2010

    What a fantastic experience – just goes to show – "those that have least are often the most generous"…


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