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Yufuin Japan – My night in the Motorcycle Museum!


Yufuin Japan – My night in the Motorcycle Museum!

Of all the most interesting discoveries on my adventure!

How did I end up sleeping at the museum?

Before I left Adelaide, I put the question out on the Horizons Unlimited website for any advice on routes to take in Japan.  (where I met Hiroyuki and his wife!).. well I also got a message from Kim in Denmark who advised me of a Rider House in Yufuin along side a Motorcycle Museum.. they offer free accommodation to those on a bike, and I was up for free!!  They say Rider Houses are more common in the north.. but even though I am south, I knew it was a place a wanted to check out and of coarse a motorcycle museum to boot!

Wow!  Had no idea what an incredible and complete museum..!

Warning…. Heaps of photos to follow…

Sorry the photos don’t express just how many there are.. and how fascinating it is to walk through starting with the ancient ones, through to how they developed, and nearly up to date..
I thought it was interesting to see the process of how today’s bikes have morphed into what they are little by little.. 
So many different ideas with a common goal..
Here is one of my favorites.. I love this bike, the Honda Goldwing.. same as my Dad’s old bike.. Must have been when I fell in love with riding.  Dad had a Goldwing and owning his own business, he worked 6 days a week.. then on Sunday, if Mom didn’t want to go, I went on a ride with Dad.. Just loved riding on that bike, big comfortable seat, with armrests – it was great!

I remember sometimes when I would come home from school, I would polish Dad’s bike.. I used to get on it and move it around myself… pretty brave for a kid with how big and heavy it is..

Around the corner and I came across a World Adventurers bike — very cool!!

I don’t know his name, but I am impressed and inspired!

Hiroyuki has read my blog – good on ya Mate! This is a friend of his, and forwarded his details!  He is my friend, name is Toshiyuki Araki who live in Fukuoka-city.

And what an amazing route!

I can’t read Japanese, but from what I could tell, this was 1977? That might be totally wrong.. but needless to say, it was a while ago..

(I wonder if my bike will end up in a museum someday.. ha!)

I will continue the blog on another page, as there is that much more!!  Stay tuned!

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  • Paul
    September 17, 2016

    Thank you for the article! What an amazing time you must have had on your trip in various countries.
    I will be going to Yufuin in October this year (2016) .
    While my wife is sightseeing I will spend a couple of days at the Yufuin Motorcycle museum. Looking forward to the visit!

    Paul (Canada)
    2008 Honda VTX1300, 1972 Triumph Bonneville 650


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