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Yukon Territory to Alaska "Top of the World" Highway

Yukon Territory to Alaska "Top of the World" Highway

Ok.. on to the next road I am supposedly not to take…!

It’s called the “Top of the World” Highway and apparently several motorcyclists have died on this one as well.  One just 2 weeks before I decide to ride it.  I hate to even report such things, as for one, it’s very sad, but secondly, in perspective as I said before, there would have been many motorcyclists who died the same day in the United States on any given paved road.

But before I do, I’ve been wanting to check out the famed Dawson City.  I am also very due for a shower and internet break, so I go in search of a hotel in town after finishing the Dempster Highway..

Hmmm. not looking too good.. the hotel scene, not the town.  Was a great town with character!  However, I am here late in the season (early September), and most hotels are actually closed for the year already.

Hotels, the one or two that are open and as old as they are, fetch a very steep price, darn it!  I could so use warm water too!  Oh well… not meant to be.

I settle for this place, a campground right in the middle of town.. and an evil reminder of the love Canada has for providing gravel campsites with  ZERO grass to pitch a tent,  Ugh!!  This place is also closing in two days time and the owners are heading for Florida for the winter.  Lucky I got my tiny hot shower, and camped nearest to the office for some internet.

The good news is: I’ve been doing it for so long, camping with grizzly bears or gravel, I can most definitely sleep nearly anywhere these days.   Even though this photo looks nice and warm, at night was a different story.. I wore all my layers, plus my beanie hat, winter coat inside my -20 degree sleeping bag, which I’m usually so proud of, but I still woke up cold.. and on rocks.  Did sleep well for the most part though, didn’t have to worry about bears for once.

I got a kick out of the notices board at the grocery.. “Notice of Election”  One Chief.. Who wants to be First Nations Chief.  I do!! 

Not far out of town begins the “Top of the World Highway“..  When I discussed this route with friends, they recommended to me to go back down the highway to Whitehorse and across to Alaska on paved roads to avoid the “treacherous” TOW Hwy.  However, this is the short way across and given the advice not to do the Dempster, I take no time to think about it, I’m gonna go THIS way!

Early morning TOW Hwy

Serious autumn colors..

Does this road look dangerous????

Again, I know I am lucky.  I’m sure the stories of motorcyclists misfortune would have been due to more serious weather and or road conditions at different times of the year.  For me, it was well packed mud/gravel, no rain, as easy as it gets.

A temporary change in elevation, and it’s looking very “top of the world” at the moment.. but never fear, when cranberries are near!  When in the land of the grizzly bear, do as the grizzly bear. 

If I hadn’t already had experience on this land, I wouldn’t have known to stop and look for them.
I again thank God nobody was watching, I gorged myself on these little berries until I was full..

While eating, I spot a metal building in the distance.. I think it might be the border crossing, but it looks far too small to be such a place.

Yep, that is exactly what that is, the Canada/United States border crossing!  Didn’t mind coming through this one, again no hassles.. super nice and professional officials.

Welcome to Alaska!!!

Welome to America!  Where you can count on not being able to read road signs due to bullet holes!

It’s another world up here… even though there are plenty of similarities between Canada and United States, there is no question which side of the border I am on now.. It’s been a dream of mine to visit Alaska for many years.. I’m finally here for a while!  See you…

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  • December 5, 2011

    More great pic's as always!Funny people keep mentioning motorcyclists dying on certain roads. I usually just let it go in one ear and out the other as usually such accidents never involved another vehicle and had nothing to do with the road conditions. Typically it's someone that was pressing to hard and/or riding beyond their abilities and got themselves in over their heads.

  • December 19, 2011

    Right on, Grumpy 😉


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