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Welcome to the whimsical world of Sherri Jo, where every road is a story and every journey is sprinkled with humor. From the rugged trails on her trusty motorbike to the cozy corners of her 4WD motorhome, Sherri’s adventures are a tapestry of the places she’s been and the pets she’s pampered. Get ready to be inspired, entertained, and taken on a ride through the wild, wonderful life of a woman whose spirit is as unbridled as the landscapes she explores. 🏍️🌍😊

Adventurer & Pet Road-Tripper 🏍️🚐🐾
Sherri Jo Wilkins

Spotted in the Wild

Sherri Jo’s epic escapades have revved up pages across top publications

Adventure Rider Magazine
Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine
Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine
Trailzone Magazine
Adventure Rider Magazine
Chronicles of a Wanderer


Dive into the heart of adventure with Sherri Jo’s featured blog posts. From the dusty trails to the open highways, these stories capture the essence of a life lived on the move.

Embrace the Extraordinary


Welcome to the hub of hilarity and high-octane adventures with Sherri Jo Wilkins. From conquering continents on her trusty bike to navigating nooks and crannies in her 4WD motorhome, Sherri’s website is your passport to a world where limits are just a myth. Get ready to be whisked away on a whirlwind of wanderlust, seasoned with a generous helping of humor. This is your front-row seat to the life of a woman who lives by the mantra: “Why not?” 🏍️🚐✨

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